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Custom crafted concrete floors can be much more than just a drab grey slab. In fact, with all of the different design and finishing options to choose from, they’re fast rising as a popular flooring material in residential homes throughout Melbourne.

The key to eye catching, jaw dropping floors is choosing an experienced installer that’s savvy in the range of services. This starts with proper subfloor prep and installation and ends with expert designer touches.

That expert installer is Absolutely Flawless Floorz. Our team of specialists uses world class tools and techniques to create exceptional flooring. Our range of concrete services includes everything from floor preparation to polishing. Call us on 0450 550 659 to learn more.

Some people prefer having this because of its sleek style, yet low-maintenance feature. It can also give off a granite or marble look, but with a much affordable price range.

This service removes all the inconsistencies and imperfections to make the floor look smooth and usable again. It restores old floor to its original form and shape.

This service helps you keep your floor protected from stain and moisture.This includes the procedure of adding another protective layer on your surface in order to restore the old surface and discolouration. 

They are considered a famous kitchen feature that can be subjected to a variety of designs and materials. Such benchtops are known to give your home an aesthetic appeal and an organized look.

This is the process of using this material as a form of enhancing a certain structure.  This can boost the aesthetic value of your walls, patios, and driveways without compromising its durability feature.

Surface preparation is the most important part of the new flooring installation. Proper floor preparation can save time as well as substantially minimize the possibility of coating failure & expensive re-works.

When should I choose this material for my floor?

This type of flooring is best noted for its durability, which makes it a popular choice in commercial and industrial spaces. But this long-lasting quality also makes it a great option for homeowners who are tired of replacing dingy carpet on a regular basis or fret about the wear and tear on timber and tile.

Here are just some of the many benefits to consider:

Durable: Resists impact, scratching, chipping, and foot traffic

Low maintenance: Wipes clean no matter what is spilled or accumulated

Affordable: Costs less than other materials while lasting much longer

Safe: Resistant to chemicals, allergens, and absorption

Designer: Offers options for colouring, polish, non-slip, and faux finishes that mimic granite or marble

Eco-Friendly: Adds energy efficiency and sustainability to a home

What’s included in these services?

When it comes to flooring, you can choose from as many, or as few, services to get the look you want while remaining on budget. Comprehensive installers should offer services that cover the entire project. This can include the following range:

Preparing: Removing existing material and cleaning the subfloor

Installing: Mixing, pouring, and leveling the base material including any decorative touches

Grinding: Removing imperfections and smoothing out scratches on existing concrete

Polishing: Creating a glossy look on the finished surface

Sealing: Protecting the flooring from stains, moisture, and traffic

How long do concrete services take to complete?

Concrete flooring takes time to get in place, but it’s well worthwhile since you can expect it to last for decades. How long your project will take depends on which services you need. Starting with an existing floor will take much less time than pouring a new floor and starting from scratch.

The Service Average Completion Times
Cleaning and Prep 1-3 days
Sealing - Epoxy 7 days to cure
Sealing - Acrylic 3-6 hours to dry
Grinding 5-6 days
Polishing 2-3 days

How much do these services cost in Melbourne?

Each service is going to call for its own pricing depending on the materials, time, and equipment needed. If you are having more than one service done together, such as grinding and polishing, a professional installer may bundle the services for you. You should always request a custom quote for your specific project. The table below includes a guide to the most common costs in Melbourne.

The Service Average Cost (per m2)
Cleaning and Prep $4 to $8
Sealing $25 to $35
Grinding $21 to $43
Polishing $50 to $100

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What to look for in a flooring installer

This type of floor may look simple, but it takes a talented hand to install it to last. You will want to choose a professional installer that has extensive experience in creating designer flooring. This material may look simple, but it takes a talented hand to install it to last.

• How many years of experience does the company have?

• Do they provide services local to your home or business?

• What is their online reputation with customers?

• Are they licensed and insured to perform the services you need?

• Do they offer a workmanship guarantee?

• What tools do they have on hand to perform the work?

• Do they provide free custom quotes to help you budget?

Why choose Absolutely Flawless Floorz?

As a team of experienced and professionally-trained experts, we strive for the best at what we do. As such, we ensure to provide a complete service for our flooring solutions from the initial consultation up to the completion stage. Absolutely Flawless Floorz offers a wide array of services in Melbourne. From grinding, sealing, polishing, and decorative applications to custom epoxy flooring, we make sure to provide 100% service satisfaction with careful attention to detail. Our unrivalled services cover residential, commercial, and industrial clients at affordable rates. To learn more and schedule a quick, no-obligation quote, call us on 0450 550 649 today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Services in Melbourne

Can I upgrade my existing concrete flooring with a designer look?

Absolutely. There are a few different ways to approach this. Existing floors can be cleaned and polished to give them a new shine. You can also add decorative touches and coatings to give them a face lift. If you want something extra special, you can explore epoxy flake flooring, which can be added on top of an existing surface (once it’s properly cleaned and prepped).

Are these floor difficult to clean?

These coatings are designed to protect and make the floor last on its own. Regular dusting or light mopping with a damp cloth (water only) is all that’s really needed to keep them looking like new. Of course, if there’s a major spill, it’s best to clean that up as soon as possible.

How long do these floors last?

These floors can last for decades, making them an investment in cost and sustainability. Over time, you can expect a bit of natural wear and tear. Polishing services usually last up to 20 years before you will want to have the service repeated to keep the original shine. Sealers can last 2-5 years depending on the type of sealer used and how much foot traffic they experience.

What kinds of looks are available for this type of flooring?

Your imagination is the limit here. You’ll want to check with your professional installer and ask to see portfolio samples before you make your choice. But common decorative finishes include:

• High-gloss polishing

• Epoxy coatings

• Stained or dyed floor

• Textured finish

• Stamped or scored finish

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