Epoxy Garage Floor vs. Tiles [A Comparison Guide]

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Find the best material for your updated garage floor with our detailed review.

Garage floors might not be the most fanciful home improvement option out there, but upgrading them to a material that’s protective and made to last can certainly add value to your home while improving the usage of your space. That’s why so many homeowners are looking to update their garage floors from a traditional concrete slab to something more utilitarian.

But with so many flooring options on the market for garages, it can be hard to narrow down the playing field and choose the one that best suits you. Two of the more popular options are 

  • Epoxy flooring

  • Garage tiles

Both are designed to withstand much of what is thrown at them in a garage setting, where workshops and vehicles can make quite a mess. But which is best? 

Let’s take a closer look at epoxy garage floors vs. tiles in this complete comparison guide.

What is an epoxy flooring system?

Epoxy flooring is a system that can be installed right over an existing concrete slab, making it ideal for garage installations. It’s a resinous flooring system that is installed by mixing polymer resins and hardeners together and then pouring them in place over the existing slab. As the solution dries, it cures into a dense and impenetrable floor that is easy to clean and care for. 

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What exactly are garage tiles?

These aren’t the tiles that you’ll find in a bathroom or on a backsplash. Garage floor tiles come in either flexible or rigid configurations that are designed to interlock together and can be laid directly on top of a concrete slab.  They’re mostly made of hard plastic or PVC vinyl, allowing them to wipe clean and withstand a decent amount of impact. 

Epoxy garage floor vs. tiles: A complete comparison

Even at a glance, it’s clear to see that epoxy flooring and tiles are wildly different materials with completely different installation methods. But it can be hard to decide between the two at just a glance for your garage. 

Both flooring systems have their pros and cons when it comes to garage installations. Which one is best for you will come down to how you plan to use the space, your level of install savvy, and budget, to name just a few factors. 

#1. Installation

Garage tiles are easier to install than epoxy flooring systems. The tiles can be laid directly over the garage floor without any prep work, and they are designed to easily interlock into one another to create a seamless look. Epoxy floors, on the other hand, require some prep work to make sure the concrete slab is clean and level to receive the epoxy. The epoxy itself has to be mixed by a practised hand and evenly applied, then allowed adequate time (i.e. 7 days) to cure completely before use.  

#2. Care

Garages are centres of work, hobbies, and vehicle storage, and with that they’re bound to get dirty. From soil to oil and everything in between, you’ll want a solution that is easy to keep clean. And in that regard, epoxy is the clear winner. 

Epoxy flooring is designed to wipe clean no matter what you spill on it, and your floors won’t stain or warp when they get wet. Garage tiles, on the other hand, are not as seamless as they look. They literally have seams between the interlocking mechanisms that can allow dirt and moisture to get through to the slab, filling the cracks and making them difficult to keep clean. 

#3. Customization

When it comes to garage tiles, homeowners like these because they can customise them with different patterns and colours. However, you’re limited to what the manufacturer has on offer when it comes to colours, sizes, and availability. Epoxy is known to be extremely customizable since it can be mixed with any number of additives including colours, flake, and metallics for a truly unique look. 

#4. Durability

Epoxy is the winner when it comes to durability. Most mixes will ensure that your floors will be fully resistant to heavy-duty wear and tear including the weight of vehicles. They’re designed for high impact, high traffic environments. Garage tiles are also fairly up to the challenge, though you’ll notice wear on your tiles over time, which can degrade the overall look of your floor. Rigid tiles may be more resistant to impact than flexible 

#5. Comfort 

Garage tiles come in both rigid and flexible types, with the flexible options being much softer underfoot for people who plan to be on their feet in their garage quite a bit. The tiles are installed over the concrete slab, allowing them to have a bit of give under your steps. Epoxy flooring is a hardened resin that goes directly onto and bonds with the concrete slab, which makes for a harder experience if you are standing on it for long periods of time. 

#5. Ease of use

This might sound like a strange option, but think about how you’ll be using your garage floors. Tiles can often have ridges or bumps that exaggerate the imperfections of the subfloor, making it harder to roll equipment or large tool boxes across. Epoxy floors are going to be smoother and level to work on, making it easy to use the flooring to transport items from one side of the garage to the other. 

#6. Repair

In the event that you damage your flooring system, you’ll want to be able to get a repair made. When it comes to maintenance, garage floor tiles are easier to repair because they can be popped out and replaced with a similar tile (as long as you have spares on hand). While epoxy flooring is more durable and less likely to require a repair in the first place, repairs are less easy to orchestrate. Small chips or cracks can be filled in with more epoxy solution but could be noticeable aesthetically. 

#7. Longevity

Durability, repairs, and ease of use all factor into the longevity of your flooring solution. And when it comes to having a long-lasting system in place, epoxy is a clear winner. When cared for properly, you can expect your epoxy garage floor to last upwards of 30 or more years. Garage tiles, while they can be replaced ad-hoc as needed, are going to last you closer to 15-20 years before they need a complete replacement. 

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#8. Cost

In the end, for many homeowners, the cost of the flooring system and how it impacts their budget is going to be a major deciding factor. Even though you’ll need a professional to install your epoxy flooring (as opposed to the more DIY nature of garage tiles), the total cost for your flooring system is likely to come out cheaper if you go with epoxy. That’s because the cost of the materials per square metre is much lower compared to procuring enough tiles to get the job done. 

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How to choose the right flooring system for your garage

In the end, the right flooring system between an epoxy garage floor vs. tiles is going to come down to what matters most to you. If you’re weighing budget above all else, epoxy is the way to go for the long term. 

Garage tiles win out on ease of installation, comfort when in use, and ease of repair. But overall, epoxy flooring wins in the majority of categories when compared to tiles. This chart helps break down the comparison for you: 

Epoxy Flooring

Garage Tiles






Ease of Use




Installing an epoxy flooring system with Flawless Floorz

One of the major attractions when it comes to garage tiles is their DIY quality. Most homeowners recognize that epoxy flooring systems need to be installed by the experts but are not sure where to turn to get a reliable, quality installation for their garage needs. 

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