Typical Prices For Concrete Grinding And Polishing In Melbourne 2021

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Concrete grinding is a heavy duty job that requires specialised equipment along with experience and skill. The main criticism of concrete is that it looks rough upon completion. But all that has changed with the rise of concrete polishing, giving concrete the benefits of aesthetic appeal in tandem with its classic strength and durability.

Concrete grinding and polishing services are measured in price per square meter, like many construction services. Below, we are going to investigate the prices for concrete grinding and polishing in Melbourne in 2021, and what exactly contributes to these prices.

Concrete Grinding - Price Per Square Meter

Concrete grinding requires a concrete grinder. This concrete grinder will have a grit level of anywhere between 10 and 1,800. The higher the grit, the smoother the concrete. This is important because better equipment (loosely translating to a higher grit) will cost more. The abrasive is typically diamond or silicone.

Concrete grinding can be differentiated from concreting. Once the concrete is laid down, it is first ground and then polished. These are 3 distinct processes, though many contractors will provide all 3 and give you a grouped package. Even if you are not polishing concrete, it needs to be ground so that floorboards and other materials have a smooth and solid foundation.

On the lower end, you can get concrete grinding services for around $30 per square meter. But when all is said and done, you could easily end up paying $90 per square meter for concrete grinding in Melbourne in 2021. On average, you can expect to pay around $50 - $70 per square meter.  This has to do with size, project complexity, design, and the current condition of the floor. 

Concrete Polishing - Price Per Square Meter

Companies that offer concrete grinding are also likely to offer concrete polishing. The price of concrete polishing will depend on the method used, what kind of colouration you select, and what the concrete is composed of (aggregate, cement, sand, additions like oxide, etc).

There are three major methods for concrete polishing. The first is the grind and seal method. The second is the honed polish. The honed polish method cost more but it lasts longer, so you may need to do a cost-benefit analysis. On average, you can expect to pay around $50 per square meter for the grind and seal and $75 per square meter for the honed polish.

The third method is known as the mechanical method. This will cost you around $100 per square meter, on average. Of course, all of these averages can go up or down depending on a number of variables. Factors affecting the price of concrete polishing will include:

➢ Concrete colour
➢ Concrete pattern
➢ Concrete polish type
➢ New or old floor
➢ Floor condition
➢ Accessibility
➢ Size/Shape of room

Typical Price
Grind & Seal Concrete Polishing
$35 Per Square Meter
$75 Per Square Meter
$50 Per Square Meter
Honed Concrete Polish
$50 Per Square Meter
$90 Per Square Meter
$75 Per Square Meter
Mechanical Concrete Polish
$75 Per Square Meter
$150 Per Square Meter
$100 Per Square Meter

Concreting - Price Per Square Meter

Before you think about concrete grinding or concrete polishing, you’ll actually need to have some concrete laid down. The main factor affecting the price of concreting is the type of concrete, though this is obviously not going to be the only determinant. Loose prices for laying down concrete are as follows:

➢ Spray on concrete -  $50 to $75 per square metre
➢ Standard plain concrete - $60 to $85 per square meter
➢ Coloured concrete - $90 to $150 per square meter
➢ Exposed aggregate concrete - $120 to $150 per square meter
➢ Decorative stencilled finish - $120 to $175 per square meter

You will also have to factor in labour costs. The prices above are for the concrete only. This is in contrast to polishing and grinding, where you are only really paying for the labour itself. For laying your own concrete, you will pay either the hourly rate or a fixed rate per square meter/project. The hourly rate in Melbourne is about $70 per hour. You might be able to find a ‘newbie’ with lesser experience for about $40 per hour. But this could easily end up costing you more money.

If you are charged more than $70 an hour, don’t be too discouraged. You could be working with an exceptional contractor with superb communication, amazing attention to detail, and work that is completed on time and within budget. More often than not, you pay for what you get.

Lowering Concrete Costs

There are many steps you can take if you are looking to lower the cost of grinding, polishing, and concrete in general. The first and most obvious one is to find out what you need done and quote around. Getting quotes is pointless unless you have detailed information about what you want to get done.

But you don’t merely want to look at prices alone. You want to find a reliable concrete specialist with an excellent reputation and then look at costs. Otherwise, you will be led to believe that you are getting a ‘bargain’, when you are simply getting a lower quality of service. After all, price comparisons are meaningless without tying in the prices to what is actually delivered. To lower the price of polishing and grinding, consider:

  1. Working with industry veterans.
  2. Being clear about what it is that you want
  3. Learning about the concrete process so you actually know what you’re talking about
  4. Comparing quotes between reliable providers
  5. Bunching services together to avail of price discounts
  6. Working with one provider on a larger area to earn volume discounts
  7. Getting a fixed fee as opposed to an hourly rate.
2021 - Concrete Prices in Melbourne

In sum, you will pay about $50 - $70 per square meter for concrete grinding. You will pay between $50 - $100 per square meter for concrete polishing, depending on what method you opt for.

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What is the difference between sealed and polished concrete?

Many contractors will claim that the ‘grind and seal’ method saves money because you are incorporating grinding and polishing in one. But this is not actually true, as sealing and polishing are not the same things. Polished concrete is ornate and can be seen in commercial settings like hotel lobbies and corporate buildings. With the right grind and grit level, a very glossy and classy look can be achieved. The lifespan is longer and polished concrete is good for high volume traffic. But for more general around the house use, sealed concrete will do just fine. 

How does the concrete grind and polish process work?

It depends on many factors. After the concrete is laid down, you will have to wait for a minimum of 14 days. You can then start using a concrete grinder to grind the concrete. On each pass, you can expect to remove about one-sixteenth of the surface using typical settings. Once the concrete has been ground, a chemical hardener is applied to densify the concrete and then the polish is applied using wet or dry methods. 

How long does concrete polishing last?

You can expect concrete polishing to last between 5- 15 years. Grind and seal will last around 5 years, honed will last closer to 10, and mechanical methods can last up to 15 years. Depending on the size, it can take between 3 - 7 days to complete concrete polishing.

Can I get a builder to do my concreting to reduce the cost?

Yes, though it is not really recommended. Why hire somebody to do something that they don’t specialise in? It would be like choosing to hire a general carpenter to make custom cabinets, instead of a dedicated cabinet carpenter. The quality is unlikely to be the same, even if they say they can do a ‘good job’.

Can I grind and polish my own concrete to reduce the cost?

This is more likely to cost you money. Concrete is...hard. If you mess it up, it's going to cost you a lot of money to rectify the problem. You are not working with wood or plastic here. You are working with heavy duty equipment and potentially toxic chemicals. 

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