Transform Your Space with Stylish Epoxy Flake Flooring

epoxy flake flooring

It offers the same protection and strength as a classic epoxy coating - with the addition of a 100% unique finish. Read on to learn more about cost-effective, pre-engineered flooring that’s equal parts durable, safe, and stunning.

Epoxy flake offers the same protection and strength as a classic coating - with the addition of a 100% unique finish. This makes flake resin suitable for high foot traffic areas across residential and commercial settings, and with its glossy finish, most liquid substances can be wiped up with ease while moisture protection prevents cracks, mould, and bacteria.

Best of all, upgrading your concrete floors is as easy as 1,2,3:

- Step One: Choose your base colour
- Step Two: Choose your flake colour
- Step Three: Choose your flake size

At Flawless Floorz, we’re Melbourne’s leading experts in transforming tired, aged, and dull concrete surfaces with vibrant, eye-catching sealing finishes. Our professional installation team ensures your new flaked flooring stands up to everything thrown at it, leaving you with an investment that meets your needs for decades to come.

For a gorgeous flake floor finish that protects your concrete floors for years to come, reach out and request a fast, FREE quote today.

What is epoxy flake flooring?

Let’s start with the basics. Concrete has a stellar reputation for being durable and long-lasting - but a reputation for being equally dull and lifeless.

Many traditional concrete applications are characterised by a lack of colour or style, but that doesn’t mean your concrete surfaces need to be drab and grey. The flake is the innovative and durable floor coating used to protect your concrete surfaces while adding one-of-a-kind visuals that reflect your business or personal style.

The stylish coating, in the form of dry ‘flakes’ scattered on top of a base coat (also known as ‘broadcasting’), delivers a multi-colour finish ideal in schools, retail settings, garages, houses and everywhere in between.

Offering the same advantage as normal flooring, but with additional flake included in the second coating to deliver a decorative finish, the end product is a protective layer for your concrete floor that’s visually appealing and aesthetically striking - all without sacrificing strength.

Looking to explore more decorative concrete services? Explore our decorative floor options here

What are the benefits of this type of flooring?

✔️ Extremely durable
✔️ Low maintenance surface
✔️ Improved traction for foot traffic
✔️ Won’t harbour bacteria or pollutants
✔️ Slip-resistant finish is deal for wet areas
✔️ Mix and match colours to meet your brand
✔️ Increased safety for people, pets and vehicles
✔️ Can wipe oil, petrol and chemicals off surface easily
✔️ Create a striking granite aesthetic (without the cost of natural stone)

What settings are best suited to this type of flooring?

Remember, this type of resin shares all characteristics of traditional flooring - that includes the ultra-durable finish, low-maintenance qualities, anti-slip properties and protection for heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

The inclusion of modern flakes adds another dimension for interior spaces that require an aesthetic boost. At Flawless Floorz we’ve installed flaked finishes in a range of homes and business settings, including:

  • Garages
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Bathrooms
  • Safety areas
  • Retail locations
  • Commercial floors
  • Industrial settings

Available as both an internal or external finish, you can choose to install this eye-catching coat over new or existing concrete slabs. Plus, with a range of flake colours and styles, you can make unlimited design choices, from replicating the finish of granite to creating an abstract look that’s distinctly yours. Ask us about customising your new concrete surface to suit any design or personal aesthetic.

Speak to our team about anti-slip top coat additives that satisfy Australian Standards and public liability requirements. To learn more about this type of floor, reach out and chat with our flooring experts on 0450 550 649.

Flooring Specifications



Life Cycle

5 to 10 years


Matte, High Gloss, Satin, Natural

Slip Resistance

R9 to R11

UV Stable



Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Government, Retail, Hospitality

How much does epoxy flake flooring cost?

That’s the million-dollar question (thankfully, these floors are much cheaper than that).

Although a floor decorated with flakes creates the illusion of a premium surface, you can expect to pay between $70 to $80 per m2 for a garage floor with solid colour and full flakes.

Keep in mind, these figures are averages only. The final price will need to take into account a couple of variables:

- Floor Size: Larger surfaces are more expensive for coating.
- Floor Condition: Will your concrete floor need grinding or any preparation? If so, expect to budget more.

When comparing quotes (and we recommend reaching out to a handful of concreters), make sure to have all your relevant details at hand. This includes the rough size of your space (don’t worry if you don’t have the measurements down to the exact mm), as well as the condition of your floors (are there any bumps, cracks or stains?). The more accurate your information, the more accurate your quote.

How is it applied?

At Flawless Floorz, we strive to complete each flooring service quickly and efficiently to minimise disruption to your routine. Depending on the condition of your concrete floors and the amount of floor preparation required, it typically takes 2 to 3 days to apply.

We work closely with you to deliver the results you’re after, without disrupting your home or business. We’re proud to serve our Melbourne clients and can work to your schedule to ensure you receive the service you deserve.

Our service includes an analysis of your surfaces to determine what (if any) surface preparation is needed prior to the installation. Our simple framework for transforming Melbourne surfaces is broken down into 5 steps.

Step One: Preparation

This is the first (and most important) step. Without proper preparation, your coating may fail to bond with your concrete surface, leading to structural problems that invite damage and moisture over time. This step may include concrete grinding or levelling to ensure all coatings are long-lasting and of the highest quality.

Step Two: Apply Primer or Sealer

With your concrete surface properly prepared, it’s time to apply epoxy primer or sealer. This step ensures a strong bond is formed between your concrete floor and the coat.

Step Three: Coat Application

Two-pack tinted paint is applied to the primer coat, causing each layer to bond together. You’ll want to start applying coloured flakes within 10 minutes of your coat application to let flakes sink into the coating and properly bond.

Step Four: Flake Broadcasting

Now it’s time to add a little flair. We’ll apply (or ‘broadcast’) coloured flakes of your choosing onto the layer to create a striking, decorative flake effect. These flakes may be applied sparsely, or in a more dense pattern - the design is totally up to you!

Step Five: Top Coat Application

To seal in your flakes and leave you with a durable finish we’ll apply two coats of a clear, polyurethane paint. This delivers a scratch and stain-resistant finish that may be polished or matte, depending on your preference. Expect to leave 2 to 3 days drying time before walking on your new floors, and up to 5 days before allowing vehicle traffic.

Why choose Flawless Floorz?

It’s easy to forget about your floors, whether at home or at work, and assume they’re built to handle anything that’s thrown at them. But when you’re dealing with concrete surfaces, there are plenty of problems to watch out for.

From cracks and structural damage to your concrete slab to lifeless concrete surfaces that leave people thinking your business is equally lacking in personality, your floors play a pivotal role in keeping you safe and your business running.

At Flawless Floorz we understand the ins and outs of working with concrete surfaces of all kinds. From your Melbourne garage that needs to handle a load of a busy family to a retail space that requires a custom flooring solution to compete in a crowded commercial space, we can protect your concrete floors while helping them stand out.

✓ Affordable, upfront rates (with no hidden fees or charges)
✓ Leading reputation in Melbourne’s competitive flooring industry
✓ World-class tools and machines for a stunning flake finish
✓ 100% workmanship quality and attention to detail at all times
✓ Fast, reliable, and transparent from consultation to completion
✓ 100% satisfaction guarantee (your job done on time and done right)

Unsure what to do next? We start every relationship with a free consultation to learn about the challenges of your space and offer custom advice to see if epoxy flake is right for you.

Call us on 0450 550 649 or enquire online to start the conversation today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Flake Flooring in Melbourne

Is it hard for cleaning?


Maintenance is as simple as sweeping or vacuuming dirt and debris, and cleaning your new surface with warm water and soap. Although the flaking offers stylistic advantages over a more traditional floor coating, it brings the same anti-spill and anti-slip properties with a moisture-resistant finish.

That means you spend more time enjoying your new floor and less time cleaning it.

Is it suitable for my garage?


Epoxy flake is long-lasting and durable, offering the same qualities as more traditional coatings. This makes a flaked floor perfect for high-traffic areas at home or in your Melbourne business.

With anti-slip qualities, this material is highly suited to garages and wet areas from commercial auto repair floors to bathrooms. Find out more information on epoxy garage flooring here.

What is epoxy made of?

This is actually a polymer paint aggregate made up of acrylic and vinyl resins. This combination creates a thin flake roughly 4 to 5 mils thick and can be blended in a wide range of colours (up to 150 custom shades available).

These floors are highly durable and suited to a range of settings from residential garages to schools, hospitals and retail locations. The advantage of a flaked floor over traditional coatings is the aesthetic. Not only does a flaked surface look appealing in a range of settings, but can also hide imperfections, giving you a floor that’s enduring and elegant.

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