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You don’t need Melbourne’s best epoxy flooring experts...until you do.

Across residential, commercial, and industrial settings, concrete slabs and surfaces offer durable, reliable floors...but they’re not impervious to damage.

The last thing you need are cracks, chips, fractures, and faded floors that require constant (expensive) maintenance and reflect poorly on your business.

As Melbourne’s #1 choice for epoxy services, we’re committed to finding the most effective and affordable solution to keep your concrete surfaces strong and stylish, no matter what type of traffic they’re designed to handle.


This type of flooring is popular in residential settings such as living rooms or kitchens. It can also be seen as a protective layer on hospital floors and other industrial settings.

As one of the toughest and most durable floor sealing finishes available, this type of floor is resilient, long lasting, and seals your floor against harsh impact, spills, and daily wear and tear. 

Flake resin is  suitable for high foot traffic areas across residential and commercial settings, and with its glossy finish, most liquid substances can be wiped up with ease while moisture protection prevents cracks, mould, and bacteria.

While you may not notice the effects of oil, moisture, chemical spills and impact, your concrete can crack, fade, and stain. It protects your concrete from daily wear and tear, as it’s harder than the concrete itself.

What are the benefits of epoxy services?

There are many benefits such as:

#1. Great investment due to lower application costs

#2. Stain-resistant

#3. Durable

#4. Easy maintenance due to its glossy surface

#5. Easy to add designs to

What settings are best suited to this type of flooring?

Remember, this type of floor shares all characteristics of traditional flooring - that includes the ultra-durable finish, low-maintenance qualities, anti-slip properties and protection for heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

The inclusion of modern flakes adds another dimension for interior spaces that require an aesthetic boost. At Flawless Floorz, we’ve installed flaked epoxy finishes in a range of homes and business settings, including:

  • Garages
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Bathrooms
  • Safety areas
  • Retail locations
  • Commercial floors 
  • Industrial settings

Available as both an internal or external finish, you can choose to install this eye-catching coat over new or existing concrete slabs. Plus, with a range of flake colours and styles, you can make unlimited design choices, from replicating the finish of granite to creating an abstract look that’s distinctly yours. Ask us about customising your new concrete surface to suit any design or personal aesthetic.

Speak to our team about anti-slip top coat additives that satisfy Australian Standards and public liability requirements. To learn more about this type of floor, reach out and chat with our flooring experts on 0450 550 649.


How long does it last?

Generally, epoxy can last depending on the type of property setting you have. In commercial and industrial settings, it can last for 2-3 years. However, if your floor is regularly maintained and cared for, it can last for much longer.

Is it a cost-effective investment?

If your garage or workspace has an existing concrete floor, you can skip the time-consuming and expensive process of removal, with concrete grinding and floor preparation helping you save on installation while still enjoying a smooth, modern finish.

Best of all, you can enjoy your newly protected garage floors for up to 20 years with the right care and maintenance, delivering a cost-effective option that won't need constant or costly upgrades.

Is it hard to clean?


Maintenance is as simple as sweeping or vacuuming dirt and debris, and cleaning your new surface with warm water and soap. Although the flaking offers stylistic advantages over a more traditional floor coating, it brings the same anti-spill and anti-slip properties with a moisture-resistant finish.

That means you spend more time enjoying your new floor and less time cleaning it.

Is this type of surface slippery?


It is naturally slip-resistant and ideal for heavy foot traffic areas like commercial kitchens or retail outlets. However, we can apply an optional non-slip finish to provide even more grip. This is typically used in locations that experience a lot of rain.

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